Hi! My name is Faigy and I love to cook!

I also love developing new and exciting recipes, taking old standbys to the next level, and shooting eye-popping pictures of food! 

In fact, I love all things food-related!

My favorite place to hang out has always been the kitchen. My mother, an amazing cook, gave me the foundations of cooking. She made me feel comfortable in the kitchen and taught me how to cook with the ingredients I have. Even when I was a little girl, she allowed me to explore (and mess up!) her kitchen. 

Over the years, my passion only grew. When I wasn’t cooking, there was nothing I enjoyed more than sitting down with a pile of cookbooks and cooking magazines, garnering inspiration. I loved to cook, to host meals, to plan menus. Anything kitchen related — count me in.

In 2016, my husband encouraged me to start an Instagram page. He felt I had so much to give and, as a family photographer with eight years’ experience, the transition to shooting food was fairly easy. With his guidance and support, @mykitchen_mystudio was born. 

The launch was the beginning of a life-changing journey. I was no longer just cooking for my family and friends; I could share my passion with the world. And now, several years later, it still gives me such pleasure to post my recipes—recipes that are easy, unintimidating; recipes that won’t leave you scratching your head trying to figure out if the ingredient list is actually in English.

But that wasn’t all! In October 2017, I began working as food editor for the Voice of Lakewood, a local publication widely distributed in my hometown of Lakewood, New Jersey. This really broadened my horizons and I was thrilled to be involved in the print world. Today, I am still with them, writing editorials and sharing my cooking experiences with thousands of people each week.

I am the mom of four fantastic kids and I love cooking and bonding with them in the kitchen, so it only made sense to make my journey a family affair. In 2018, my son and I started a joint food column called “Munching with Menachem,” which was featured in The Circle, a popular children’s magazine. I had so much fun collaborating with him on cooking and shooting kid-friendly foods!

Then, always on the lookout for the next great idea, I launched my very own spice line, Union Spice Blends, in September 2019, with several delicious and convenient blends to streamline the cooking process. My blends are now sold in over 40 stores and online. They have become go-to seasonings for many a busy cook!

Though I was having an incredible time cooking, posting, creating, my ultimate dream was to put out a cookbook of my own, in print. In February of 2021, that dream came true. My Pesach Kitchen (ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications) was released just in time for the Pesach cooking season, containing over 130 recipes with beautiful photos along with lots of tips and tricks for making Pesach stress-free. It was a joy to produce and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to inspire cooks around the world with easy and delicious Pesach recipes.

Today, I continue to love every minute of my culinary journey, developing recipes and sharing them with you. I hope you have as much fun as I have creating delicious food that’s simple to make for the people you love!

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